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Adventure Activities

Whether you choose to balloon, bungy jump, canyon, ice-climb, rock climb, climb trekking peaks, fly over mountains or fly an ultralight, you will find an adventure everyday in Nepal.

The Himalayas have long since held a mysterious attraction to travelers and trekkers alike. In recent years, there has been a surge of extreme sports to the small Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Now, in this part of the world, you can experience some of the most physically and mentally challenging action sports in an exotic destination.

As if trekking, rafting/kayaking, biking and jungle safari are not enough, any adventure mentioned below will entice the ultimate adrenaline junkie.

Nepal Adventure Activities

School Adventures

School AdventuresSchool Adventures


Mountain Biking

Mountain BikingNepal, the land of Himalayas, with its undulating landscape offers plentiful scope for mountain biking. So it has the best natural mountain biking trails in the world, ranging from double tracks to single tracks and its


Rock Climbing

Rock ClimbingRock climbing has come out as one of the adventure sport and outdoor activity among the adventure lovers across the world. It is is an adventurous



KayakingRiver Adventure Kayaking is usually an individual water sport. Kayaks are made from a special type of plastic and have floatation devices inserted to aid buoyancy.


Bungee Jumping

Bungee JumpingBungy Nepal may be the most spectacular jump on the planet. At 160m high it is Nepal’s ultimate rush and one of the longest free-falls in the world. The stunning natural surroundings so close to Tibet make the jump an almost magical experience.



ParaglidingParagliding Nepal can be understood as the best paragliding Venue after Switzerland. The climate & geographic Similarities between the two countries have made it sound more relevant.


This is the most popular among the hikes around Kathmandu. The 1 day hike starts from Panaauti will end it in Namobuddha. First we take a drive from Kathmandu to Panaauti and start to trek to Namobuddha.