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School Adventure

Adventure Milestone believes that the great outdoors and unique programme provides an excellent opportunity of learning experience beyond the classroom. Our programmes aren’t just learning- they are about life experience. Our itineraries include adventure activities, cultural programs, community projects which insure stimulating experience for young and enquiring minds. We provide opportunities for individuals and teams to learn through experience, build strong friendships, and challenge themselves mentally, physically and emotionally whilst undergoing various challenges and activities. All of this is facilitated by our experienced staff in a setting which is safe, fun and unique!
Safety first
Safety is our primary concern. Experienced local and international guides, instructors and facilitators lead the groups at all times, ensuring safety.
We have minimum of 1:8 guide ratio of adult to students. All our field staff (leaders/guides) possesses a first aid qualification as well as relevant qualifications and experience. Staff training, risk assessments and review of emergency protocols are made prior to each individual trip/expedition. During the trip staff member is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit,an emergency contact sheet as well as a communication device.
Our staff will always analyse and review activities, utilise third party service providers (where applicable) and visit locations prior to commencement of trips. A detailed risk assessment is made for each trip/expedition we run.
We provide all relevant information before the trip. Upon arrival in Nepal safety briefings are conducted prior to involvement in activity/expedition to minimize the risks.
Educational adventures and expeditions

 Nepal with its diverse nature and wonderful environment is an ideal place for outdoor adventure. Our expedition includes wide range of activities such as cycling, hiking, white water rafting, climbing and abseiling, Canyoning, elephant safaris, canoe ride, culture tours, jungle safaris, homestays and many more. Our itineraries are flexible and can be modified according to the students’ needs and the requirements of the school. 

Charity and community projects
We organize many charity expeditions such as Everest Base camp Trek, Annapurna Trek, Langtang Trek etc. to raise fund for worthwhile causes.
It is common to seek to contribute something to the countries they visit. We can arrange for groups to contribute communities (schools, Orphanage, village etc.). Community based projects such as donating fund, gifts, building a new dwelling or school, wall painting, rendering and landscaping and farming, cleaning etc. Some projects require fundraising; others simply require time and enthusiasm.
Sustainable and Ecological Tourism
Adventure Milestone understands to the principles of sustainable and eco-tourism by making low impact on the environment and local cultures, whilst eco-tourism challenges students to protect the local environment and to investigate the ways in which human’s impact upon natural habitats. We follow Leave No Trace principle and expect to respect by all the participants.


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