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Tibet Tour via Everest BC



This program proposes a new approach to the conventional trip to Tibet. It allows us to stay longer in the Tibetan plateau, also offers longer acclimatization to the altitude before our arrival in Lhasa. Another important benefit is not depending on the aircraft, as this would significantly increase the program’s price.

We will travel from Kathmandu to the Tibetan border by land and spend our first night in Nyalam [3,700 m]. The second day we will cross the Tibetan Plato, an average of about 4,200 meters altitude to descend to spend the night in Shigatse [3,900 m]. From the second city of Tibet we will go directly to the capital Lhasa. Considered as the heart and soul of Tibet, formerly known as the Forbidden City, is an important Buddhist pilgrimage centre and has an incredible architectural heritage. The medieval town with its old buildings, combined with prayer flags, precious stones and pilgrims prostrating at every turn during their devotional pilgrimage to Parkhor - is an exotic blend that leaves an unforgettable experience to all those who venture to visit the "Roof of the World." Saying goodbye to Lhasa, we will drive south through the vast and incredible Tibetan landscape. Pass through high mountain passes and visit old monasteries on the way to visit the north face of Mount Everest. Nowhere else is possible to appreciate a spectacular views of Mount Everest!
Continuing our journey through high mountain passes and the most breathtaking views of the Himalayas, we will cross the Himalayan Range and begin our descent into the valley of Kathmandu.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
It is important that you will arrive in Kathmandu from Sunday to Wednesday, due the Chinese Embassy only opens from Monday to Friday and we need two embassy days to issue the visa.

Day 02: Applying Chinese Visa
Today one person of our staff will go to the Chinese embassy to apply for the visa according the urgent basis.

Day 03: Collecting visa
During morning one person from Responsible Treks will go to collect the visa in the Chinese Embassy, so you will have this full day to visit Kathmandu.

Day 04: Departure for Tibet (205 km) - 5 hours
Early morning you will take the regular jeep service from Boudha to the border. Once finished the process at the Nepalese border, our agent in the border will help you to cross the Friendship Bridge and continue with the Chinese customs formalities. Later we will have lunch in the border town of Zhangmu and drive to Nyalam [3,700 m]. For better acclimatization in order to continue our journey we will do overnight in this village.
Accommodation: Guest house (B) or Hotel New Snowland (S)

Day 05: Crossing the top of the Tibetan Plato (480 km) - 6 hours
After our breakfast we will have a long day of driving, leaving behind the Himalayas. Through mountain passes just over five thousand meters with views of Mount Everest, we will drive to Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. Sleep at less than four thousand meters will allow us to have a better rest and acclimatization.
Accommodation: Everest Friendship Hotel (B) or Shigatse Hotel (S)

Day 06: Arrival in Lhasa and visit the historic centre (355 km) - 4 hours
Morning visit the Tashilhunpo monastery, home of the Panchen Lama, second most important figure in Tibetan Buddhism. By visiting this wonderful monastery, we see the tomb stupas of the different Panchen Lama.
Later we will go to Lhasa. In the afternoon we will visit the Jokhang Temple. This is the most sacred shrine in Tibet and is always full of pilgrims who come to venerate the statue of Buddha. Around the temple there is a maze of narrow streets called Barkhor. This is a fascinating experience that will make you feel mesmerized by the energy and feel of this area of Lhasa.
Accommodation: Hotel Flora (B) or Dekang Hotel (S)

Day 07: A majestic palace and a dialectic school
A visit to Tibet cannot be considered complete without a visit to Potala Palace, a spectacular building, which literally dominates the skyline of Lhasa. This contains the private rooms of the Dalai Lama and many chapels and governmental rooms. The oldest part of the palace dates from the fifth and sixth centuries. But the palace as we see today is from the seventeenth century.
After our lunch we will visit the Sera Monastery, one of the best preserved in Tibet. With its white walls and golden roofs, several hundred monks live and study in it. We will have the opportunity to witness the dialectical debates so characteristic of Tibetan Buddhism.
Accommodation: Hotel Flora (B) or Dekang Hotel (S)

Day 08: The summer palace of the Dalai Lama and one of the largest monasteries in the world
After our breakfast, this morning we will visit Norbulingka, which was once the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. Later we will visit the Monastery of Repung, which was founded in the fourteenth century. Time ago was the largest monastery in the world with a population of about 10,000 monks. Today the number of monks has come down to several hundred, but remains as a interesting monastery to visit because was not damaged during the Cultural Revolution.
During afternoon we will have free time for shopping, walking around the Barkhor or taking tea in a traditional teahouse in Lhasa.
Accommodation: Hotel Flora (B) or Dekang Hotel (S)

Day 09: We leave Lhasa and travel through the turquoise lake (261 km) - 4 hours
Today we start our journey through the centre of Tibet to Kathmandu. Travelling through the Friendship Highway, we will pass the Khamba La [4,794 m] ('La' means mountain pass), where we get incredible views of the turquoise waters of Lake Yandrok and the snow mountain of Nazin Kang Sa [7,252 m]. Descending the mountain we will drive 20 kilometres surrounding this incredible lake. Then a stop at the viewpoint of the wonderful Karola glacier, will offer nice panoramic mixed with the local nomads.
After passing through beautiful valleys and colourful Tibetan villages we arrive at the town of Gyantse.
Accommodation: Hotel Wutse (B) or Hotel Gyantse (S)

Day 10: Visit a stupa and an ancient monastery-capital (240 km) - 4 hours
After breakfast we will visit the famous Stupa of Gyantse Kunbum, from the top we will get a wonderful valley views. Later on drive to one of the ancient capital of Tibet, where we will visit the monastery with mandala shape of Sakya. In the evening we will go to Shelkar looking for a better accommodation to have a good rest.
Accommodation: Guest House (B) or Qongmolangma Hotel (S)

Day 11: Excursion to Mount Everest and driving to Zhangmu (306 km) - 6 hours
We will drive south across the mountain pass of Lhakpa La [5,267 m]. Our destination is the Rongbuk Monastery, from where we will see the north face of Everest. From this point we will make an 8 kilometres excursion to Everest Base Camp. At base camp we will have the opportunity to share our lunch with local nomads, a unique experience on the roof of the world!
During afternoon we will take a journey to remember for a long time. From the Tibetan plateau we will go to the Himalayas. Stunning views allow us to take panoramic photographs as in very few places on earth. Then descend to spend the night in the border town of Zhangmu.
Accommodation: Sherpa Hotel (B) or Hotel Zhangmu (S)

Day 12: Back to Kathmandu (180 Km) - 4 hours
After our leisurely breakfast, because we have to wait to be opened the border with Nepal, we will go to make the border formalities. Our agent in the border will help you to get transportation to come back to Kathmandu.

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